So, what's ViralLabz all about?

Who am I and what can I do for you

My name is Bogdan Ionescu, I'm a 24 year old programmer/designer/economist from Romania and, for many years I've struggled getting any momentum for my websites no matter how hard I've tried. Every major project that made me money in the past was designed to rely on Google. Every time Google changed their algorithm, I had to start from the begining, and, many times I've felt discouraged and left the projects for good. All I wanted was to BUILD a business and, by "building" I mean make it bigger with every effort that I put in.

If you're like me, you will absolutely love this free tool. It will allow you to build an audience, grow it every day, get a very predictable amount of views to any website in any given 24 hours and, basically, maintain your most important asset (your audience) even if you decide to change the website and the product.

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